I am following the Sierra High Route south from Twin Lakes to Dusy Basin (near Bishop Pass). There I’ll switch over to the Southern Sierra High Route, which I’ll hike in its entirety to its southern terminus at Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead. From there I’ll follow trails, including much of the High Sierra Trail, west to Lodgepole in Seqouiah-Kings Canyon National Park. I will then switch to the Kings Canyon High Basin Route, following it north, west, then south to finish it, and my hike, at Road’s End.

I’m breaking my trip up into sections according to where I resupply.
Section 1: Twin Lakes to Red’s Meadow (Sierra High Route)
Section 2: Red’s Meadow to Parcher’s Resort (Sierra High Route)
Section 3: Parcher’s Resort to Cottonwood Trailhead (Southern Sierra High Route; resupplying by hitching down to Lone Pine)
Section 4: Cottonwood Trailhead to Lodgepole (High Sierra Trail)
Section 5: Lodgepole to Onion Valley Trailhead (Kings Canyon High Basin Route; resupplying by hitching down to Independence)
Section 6: Onion Valley Trailhead to Road’s End (Kings Canyon High Basin Route)

For those who like to see details, here is my approximate daily mileage:
Day n: start to finish; approximate mileage; passes crossed
Day 1: Twin Lakes to Virginia Canyon; 11 miles; Horse Creek Pass and Stanton Pass
Day 2: Virginia Canyon to near Mine Shaft Pass; 10 miles; Sky Pilot Col and Mt Conness East Ridge
Day 3: near Mine Shaft Pass to Lewis Creek Trail near Bernice Lake Trail; 15; Mine Shaft Pass, Tuolumne Pass, Vogelsang Pass (those last two hardly count, do they?)
Day 4: Lewis Creek Trail near Bernice Lake Trail to lower Bench Canyon; 15; Blue Lake Pass

Day 5: Lower Bench Canyon to the meadows below the Ritter-Banner saddle, above Ediza Lake; 10; Glacier Pass and Whitebark Pass

Day 6: Meadows below the Ritter-Banner saddle to Red’s Meadow; 14 miles; Nancy Pass

Day 7: Red’s Meadow to Deer Lakes; 9; Mammoth Pass

Day 8: Deer Lakes to Laurel Lake; 15; Shout-Of-Relief Pass and Bighorn Pass

Day 9: Laurel Lake to Brown Bear Lake; 13; Gabbot Pass

Day 10: Brown Bear Lake to Piute Creek; 15; White Bear Pass, Feather Pass, and Puppet Pass

Day 11: Piute Creek to south of Helen Lake; 15; Snow-Tongue Pass and Muir Pass

Day 12: South of Helen Lake to South Lake Trailhead; 24; Bishop Pass

Day 13: nada (rest day in Bishop)

Day 14: South Lake Trailhead to Potluck Pass; 12; Bishop Pass, Knapsack Pass, Potluck Pass

Day 15: Potluck Pass to a few miles past Mather Pass; 12; Mt Sill, Cirque Pass, Mather Pass

Day 16: A few miles past Mather Pass to Baxter Lake; unknown; Pinchot Pass, Mt Baxter (almost)

Day 17: Baxter Lake to Upper Vidette Meadow; unknown; Glenn Pass

Day 18: Upper Vidette Meadow to Wright’s Lakes Basin; 14; Junction Pass, Shepard Pass; Wright’s Lakes Pass

Day 19: Wright’s Lakes Basin to Iceberg Lake; 11; Russell-Carillon Col

Day 20: Iceberg Lake to below New Army Pass; 15; Mt Whitney, Crabtree Pass

Day 21: Below to New Army Pass to Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead; 9; New Army Pass

Day 22: nada (rest day in Lone Pine)

Day 23: Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead to south of Lower Funston Meadow; 20; Trail Pass

Day 24: South of Lower Funston Meadow to west of Precipice Lake; 25; Kaweah Gap

Day 25: west of Precipice Lake to Lodgepole; 20

Day 26: Lodgepole to Pterodactyl Pass; 12

Day 27: Pterodactyl Pass to Talus Pass; 13; Pterodactyl Pass, Horn Col, Copper Mine Pass, Talus Pass

Day 28: Talus Pass to Lower Vidette Meadow; 15; Thunder Ridge Pass, Longley Pass

Day 29: Lower Vidette Meadow to Onion Valley Trailhead; 8; Kearsarge Pass

Day 30: sweet nothing (rest day in Independence)